Red Wine

2018 Red Wine bottle photo

The Mixologist.

Limitations are a drag. Who says a red blend has to be made of certain grapes? We say: drink what you like, and we like this whirlwind of black cherry, ripe raspberry and juicy pomegranate.

It’s impossible not to love the mixologist – that friend who can look you up and down and know exactly what drink you need. The one who isn’t afraid to experiment with crazy flavors and combinations and somehow always ends up blowing everyone’s minds with what’s in the glass. You might not be able to tell exactly what the components are, but what you do know is that what you’re sipping is pure perfection. 

Flavor Profile

  • Body

  • Tannin

  • Oak

  • Fruit

  • Acidity

Food Pairings

Cheeseburger with all the fixings

Cheeseburger with all the fixings

Taco Tuesday, anyone?

Taco Tuesday, anyone?

Pasta with tomato sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce

ALL the burritos

ALL the burritos

The Mood

Kickin' it on the couch

Dancing in your kitchen

Headed out with friends

Impressing the parents with your classy wine knowledge

90 Points

The Tasting Panel

“The timeliness of not having a curfew and being able to go out at night and enjoy oneself is fitting for this label. A delightful array of floral aromas are quite appealing as the wine opens up. Dark fruit splashes on the palate, laced with lavender. A ripeness throughout shows a sweet side as well as a sour cherry and beet root component. Tannins are round. This wine over-delivers.”


Red Wine
35% French oak, 12 months
Stainless steel